♥ shabby chic thursday

               ♥     purple roses earrings 15 lei

                 ♥       lily earrings 15 lei

               ♥     sweet pink earrings  15 lei

              ♥   one night in Paris necklace 35 lei

        I ♥ Paris bracelet with swarovski crystals 27 lei

              ♥   royal tea party  earrings 17 lei

     ♥ flowers grow in my heart necklace 25 lei 

    ♥ green tea in porcelain teacup ring 25 lei 

    honey swarovski crystal heart earrings 25 lei

  Ladies ,I wish you a sweet day, have fun and enjoy this beautiful and sunny weather  ♥
 P.S.  I   solved the problem with the comments ,so feel free to drop me a line :)

Hugs Lulou 

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